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Anonymous: hi, just dropping by to say i really love your aos meta's how you see skye as a character. i ship skyeward, i really do but i hate when people excuse what ward had done and just assume skye will be ~love blinded this mary sue damsel in distress character because she really isn't! just my two cents :D


i really am expecting Skye to pull out some of her old stops with him.  He was playing this team the whole time, and yet it never occurred to him that she was playing him in the first few episodes, getting him to like her. He fell for her, and she fell for him, but she’s been a con just as long as he has.  Don’t bullshit a bullshitter, is all I’m saying.

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Anonymous: i feel like ward's connection with garrett has definitely been slowly crumbling but when skye got shot, that really set it into motion. i keep thinking about the line triplett said to ward "if skye hadn't made it, what would you be thinking right now?" and his face when he was being asked that. now i really wonder how things would have been had she died. (making myself sad)


That’s a really excellent point.  If Skye had died, everything Garrett planned could’ve gone under.  But she didn’t, and Garrett is making it clear to Ward that he doesn’t HAVE to kill her, so right now Ward can keep churning water.  When Garrett gets his hands on Skye, and I’m saying when because I have a very bad feeling about this, I think Ward’s going to get that same shock to his system.  She’s his heel.  Garrett knows this, and he knows hurting her could turn Ward against him.  So I’m wondering where this will go.

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I think what everyone needs to remember is that Garrett saved Ward when he was a teenager he “pulled me out of hell and saved me from myself” as Ward said so he has been loyal to Garrett for about 10-15 years and a lot had to have happened in that time. His loyalties run…

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'You're good'

'So are you'


This is the moment Ward realizes that SKYE IS HIS FUCKIN LIGHT IN THIS BLOODY DARKNESS OKAY.

Because, he’s found someone who brings the good out in him, because Skye is pure good and she brings out the light in his darkness because she is the only…

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"The agent she was falling for."
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Anonymous: I'm tying to have a mental breakdown about Ward, Skye, and everything else, but I see your live blogging on my dash and fucking snort so loud with every post. 😂😂😂


laughter is the best medicine my friends

if we don’t laugh then HYDRA wins

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gabyg47: I don't know why but I get the feeling Skye and ward r going to sleep together on next weeks episode and then the whole thing will just hurt a million times more... I'm scared for her


She slept with Miles, but when she found out that he ‘wasn’t who she thought he was,’ she shut him out completely.  It’s what she does.  If Ward has sex with her and runs, she’s going to turn on him.  And I don’t think he’s going to be able to handle that.

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Ward isn’t the only one who can put faces on and take them off

he’s never taken into consideration Skye’s faces, her attitudes and the ways she used to play him

the way she might still be playing him now

I don’t think he’s ready for who she’s going to be when she finds out

and I wonder what dark Ward and dark Skye will look like facing off